Take a moment to stop and breathe. I know how crazy planning a wedding can be, even for the most laid-back bride. There are so many details to think about and plan and seemingly never quite enough time to get it all done.

However overwhelmed and excited you feel right now, I want you to think about life in thirty years. Your wedding will feel like a long gone dream. The only thing that will remain are your memories, your spouse, and the images that were taken. You'll look at them for the rest of your life, remembering the joy and excitement you felt on the first day of forever together. They'll be passed down to your children… and then their children.

It's an honor for me to record love stories in a timeless, beautiful, and genuine manner. I'd love to connect with you about how I can capture your memories and serve you on one of the most important days of your life.

About Me


Hi, my name is Anna. I was born and raised in Germany. At the age of twelve, my mom gave me my first camera. It was the medium format camera she had once shot with as a young girl. I immediately fell in love with photography and spent countless hours exploring, shooting, and then processing the images in a tiny dark room constructed in our basement.

When the time came for college, continuing my exploration of photography was the natural next step. I studied visual journalism and editorial photography at a renown university in Hannover, Germany. Thereafter, I began working as a documentary photographer for newspapers and magazines, and my work received several European photography awards. 

While still working as a documentary photographer, I started specializing in wedding photography. I found that my documentary skills combined with an artistic eye really equip me to capture weddings with a unique style.

In 2013, one of my biggest dreams came true, and I received a US visa for photography and moved to Santa Barbara, CA to further pursue my wedding photography.